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Paying for Hospice

Who pays for hospice? Is it covered by my insurance? Medicare? Medicaid?

Part A of Medicare covers 100% of hospice services. Generally, most hospices also work with Medicaid, the Veterans Administration and private insurance companies.

If I don’t have insurance, can I still receive hospice services?

Yes. If you don’t have insurance coverage, the Your Family Hospice admissions staff will work with you to determine financial responsibility and self-payments and to find out if you are eligible for other benefits that could help pay for services.

If Medicare covers my hospice services, will I lose my other Medicare coverage?

No. If you need hospitalization for any reason unrelated to the terminal disease, traditional Medicare will be used. You can discontinue the Medicare hospice benefit at any time if you want treatment different from what hospice provides. You may also resume the Medicare hospice benefit at any time.

Can I have hospice and also keep my HMO?

Yes. Hospice will provide care related to the primary diagnosis, while the HMO can take care of unrelated healthcare issues.

Is there a fee for a hospice consultation?

Your Family Hospice does not charge fees for eligibility consultations.

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